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MD's makes it easy for you to recycle! We offer no-sort recycling at an affordable price and provide you with a free toter to make recycling fast and easy. Recycling is picked up on an every-other-week schedule and is available to most of our service areas.

Please call our office to sign up today! Together we can make a positive contribution to our community and help the environment by recycling our trash. Please remember that for every ton of paper that is recycled, you are saving 17 trees!

MD’s Trash Removal recycles through the Northeast Resource Recovery Association. Visit their website for more information and resources.


Accepted Materials

Magazines, Soft-cover Books (such as catalogs & phone books)

Newspapers (including inserts, fliers & brochures)

Paper, Mail/Junk Mail (any color & texture, window envelopes can be recycled too!)

Brown Paper & Cardboard (such as boxes, paper bags & beverage holders)

Paperboard Boxes (such as cereal, pasta, & facial tissue boxes)

Paper Cartons (such as milk, juice & egg - including pour spout cartons)

Plastic Containers (any showing recycle symbols #1 through #7)

Metal Cans (aluminum, tin, steel & clean tin foil - lids can be recycled too!)

Glass Bottles (brown, green, clear and any other colors)

Serving Southern NH communities in the Souhegan Valley and Greater Milford, NH area: Amherst, Bedford, Brookline, Greenfield, Greenville, Hollis, Lyndeborough, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mt. Vernon, New Boston, Temple and Wilton, New Hampshire

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