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Curbside Pickup

Definition of our services: Our rates are based on the average weight of (residential) trash generated in the normal course of maintaining a household (kitchen & bathroom trash). Each household is allowed five (5) 32 gallon bags per pickup or ten (10) 13 gallon bags (small white kitchen bags) per pickup. Anything over that amount will be assessed a charge of $1.00 per bag. Our rates do notinclude yard waste or large items (i.e. carpets/rugs, furniture, small appliances, etc.) If you have such items to dispose of, please call the office and make alternate arrangements as we are not always equipped to take the large items on your regularly scheduled pickup day. Additional charges will be assessed accordingly.

“No Trash” Policy: We request our customers to have their trash out by 7:00 a.m. on their scheduled pickup day. Although we make every effort to keep the routes consistent, there are factors beyond our control (inclement weather, breakdowns, sick employees, etc.) that may force us to alter the routes on any given day. Please DO NOT get accustomed to a driver showing up at your location at a particular time….there is the possibility that we may arrive earlier (or much later) than expected.

If we arrive at your house and the trash is not out, we record the time we where at your location and the fact that the trash was not out. Please note that unless you call ahead of time indicating a pickup is not necessary, you will be charged for the pickup regardless of whether or not the trash is out. At the same time, if you forgot to put your trash out and we’ve already gone by your location, you may request that we come back out to your location, however there will be an additional $15 charge assessed.

Loose Trash: We have always prided ourselves in our quality service, which entails leaving every customers’ yard/area “trash free” when we have completed pickup. In order to do this, it is of utmost importance for our customers to bag ALL of their trash and properly secure (tie) the bags before exposing them to the elements. The wind and animals can do a number on loose trash! We cannot afford to spend an inordinate amount of time chasing loose trash around neighborhoods or bagging your trash before loading it into the trucks.

Placement of Trash: Our insurance carrier prohibits us from driving  into customers’ driveways (minimizes the risk of us sliding into garage doors, getting stuck in mud driveways, etc.) We realize there are instances where this is not feasible (i.e. handicap, elderly, long driveways, etc.) however we ask that you make every effort to get the trash to the curb. Not only will it eliminate our having to “guess” where the trash will be as we approach each location, but it will also enable us to be more efficient and therefore allow us to better serve our customers. Keep in mind that even in bad weather, we expect the trash to be brought as close to the curb as possible. Our drivers are paid to pickup the trash, not trudge through snow with it! If we do travel your driveway, we expect the trash to be brought as close to the driveway, not left on the side of the house or behind the house. Some effort must be made on your part to get the trash to a general location where it is easily accessible. Driveway travel may incur additional charges.

Snowy/Icy ConditionsAlthough our primary concern is to serve our customers, we are equally concerned about the safety of our drivers. There will be instances where inclement weather will slow us down or perhaps even prevent us from traveling some of the roads. Every attempt will be made to reach you, but we will leave it up to the drivers’ discretion in these situations. Should we decide it is too dangerous to make the stop, we will do our best to contact you by the next business day and make alternate arrangements for pickup suitable to both parties. If you can wait until your next scheduled pickup, we will not charge you for extra bags. If you are a customer whose driveway we must travel, we will NOT attempt the driveway if it has not been plowed and/or sanded. Please do your best in keeping pathways clear of snow, ice, and debris so that we may perform our services as best (and safely) as we can.

Holidays/Special Notifications:  We will do our best to keep our schedule as consistent as possible. However, there will be circumstances ( i.e. closing of recycling centers, inclement weather, etc.) that may dictate a change in our regularly scheduled pickups. If there is going to be an adjustment in your pickup we will make a post on the front page of the web site under “Trash Talk” as to any changes or cancellations. This section will be current and up to date changes will be logged daily if applicable. No notification means no changes in the schedule!

Service Schedule

Monday - Wilton, Milford

Tuesday - Brookline, Hollis

Wednesday - Lyndeborough, Mt Vernon, Wilton, Greenville, Greenfield

Thursday - Amherst, Merrimack

Friday - Milford, Merrimack, Bedford


Weekly pickup - $39.90 a month

Bi-weekly Pickup -$23.10 a month

Monthly Pickup - $12.60 a month

Toter rental - $3.00 a month














Serving Southern NH communities in the Souhegan Valley and Greater Milford, NH area: Amherst, Bedford, Brookline, Greenfield, Greenville, Hollis, Lyndeborough, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mt. Vernon, Temple and Wilton, New Hampshire

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