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About Us

Our Story

As a native of Milford, I was accustomed to taking my trash to the ‘friendly’ transfer station. When my wife and I got married in 1989 we settled in Milford.  She, being from the city of Nashua where they had municipal pickup, was appalled when I told her we had to take our trash to the dump ourselves . . . and so our business was formed!  We printed some low-budget flyers and began placing them on vehicles in public parking lots in town.  Within 12 hours, we had our first customer and only a car to haul the trash.  We soon purchased a pickup truck and have since grown into a modest fleet.

We started off in Milford and quickly grew to several surrounding towns.  While traditional recycling has always been our intent, meeting the demands of each individual town we serviced became quite challenging.  We were forced to seek alternate recycling methods and after much research found that  trash-to-energy was a viable solution. It is highly regulated, safe for the environment,  generates electricity and eliminates the need for landfills – something that was vital in our decision making process.  We are continually looking for ways to improve our operations while satisfying our customer needs, so if there are any suggestions you may have for us, please feel free to drop us an email or phone call.  We are a family owned/operated company and are genuinely concerned about our customers and more importantly our environment.


Who We Are


Alexa Delage

Casey Delage

Operations Foreman:

Casy Delage

Office Manager:

Alexa Delage

Residential Curbside Drivers:

 Jerry Beaulieu, Kolby Raymond, Corey Salisbury, Joseph Leroux, Matt Delude, David Marois, Kevin Boyle, Matt Follansbee, Mike Stetz

Commercial Driver:

Walter Pettey

Roll-off Delivery Drivers:

Luis Amados & Ken Crafts

Serving Southern NH communities in the Souhegan Valley and Greater Milford, NH area: Amherst, Bedford, Brookline, Greenfield, Greenville, Hollis, Lyndeborough, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mt. Vernon, New Boston, Temple and Wilton, New Hampshire

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